Hey Diddle Diddle

"Hey Diddle Diddle", also popularly known as "The Cat and the Fiddle", "Hi Diddle Diddle" or "The Pig Jumped Over the Moon" is a popular traditional nursery rhyme for kids and toddlers. The characters such as spoon and dish are anthropomorphizing, while other real characters are indulged in fun activities.

Although it is a sixteenth-century rhyme, some references claim that it is much older than that, maybe thousand or more years. It is believed that a cat playing a fiddle was a popular picture in the early medieval illuminated manuscripts.

Sing along the video and learn the lyrics.

Hey Diddle Diddle Lyrics

Hey, diddle, diddle, 

The cat and the fiddle, 

The cow jumped over the moon. 

The little dog laughed, 

To see such sport, 

And the dish ran away with the spoon.