Ding Dong Bell

"Ding Dong Bell" is one of the popular English rhymes for children. The earliest recorded reference, which was a bit similar to the modern lyrics was published in 'Pammelia, Musicks Miscellanie' by Thomas Ravenscroft.

The earliest version of the song was printed in Mother Goose's Melody on London in 1765. The modern version which is commonly known all over the world is believed to be a moderation of the theme of the original poem. Several attempts have been made to reform the rhyme so that it gives positive message to the kids. Additional lines were added to the song, which were printed in the James Orchard Halliwell's Nursery Rhymes of England.

Ding Dong Bell Lyrics

Ding, dong, bell, 

Pussy's in the well. 

Who put her in? 

Little Johnny Flynn. 

Who pulled her out? 

Little Tommy Stout. 

What a naughty boy was that, 

To try to drown poor pussy cat, 

Who ne'er did any harm 

But killed all the mice

In the Farmer's barn!