Beauty And The Beast

Beauty And The Beast is a traditional fairy tale written by Gabrielle Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, a French novelist. It was published in La Jeune Am americaine et les contes marins (The Young American and Marine Tales) in 1740.

Various versions of the fairy tale are known across Europe. It is a story of a Prince, who was turned into an ugly beast by a fairy. And the spell will only break if he finds a true love, despite his ugliness. Later, Beauty fell in love with the beast and the Beast is transformed into the handsome prince. They both lived together happily ever after.

Beauty And The Beast Lyrics

Once upon a time in the faraway land, lived a cute girl named Beauty. She had two sweet but naughty sisters. Their father was a merchant and often used to travel. But when he used to come back from his journey, he never forgot to get gifts for his beloved daughters. One day when the merchant was waiting for his ship to arrive, he saw that the big waves of the ocean sunk down his ship and he lost all his fortune. Merchant was disheartened and sad. On his way back home, he was lost in the woods. But soon breathed a sigh of relief when he came across a big palace. He went towards the palace happily and was shocked to find that the palace door was magical, but the tired merchant was happy that the door let him through.

As soon as he went inside the palace, he saw a big feast & enjoyed it too, but was soon scared when he came to know that not just door but the entire palace was magical. He ran as fast as he could but on his way out he bumped into the Beast. The merchant thought that Beast would harm him. But the Beast turned out to be friendly and offered him shelter to stay for the night. Beast was none other than a handsome Prince. But while protecting his garden from a vile sorceress, she had turned him into a terrifying Beast. Only a true friendship would have broken this spell.

Next day, Merchant thanked Beast and was about to leave, when he came across Beast's favorite rose. He wanted to gift this beautiful rose to his daughter Beauty, but as soon as he touched it, Beast's anger knew no bounds. He ordered Merchant to bid his family final goodbye and return back to his palace to face his wrath. Merchant narrated the incident to his daughters when he was back. All were scared but Beauty was the one who was not only worried but scared too. Brave Beauty consoled her father & decided that she would face the feast alone & ask him for forgiveness.

When Beauty reached the palace, she was happy to see the grandeur of the palace and the staff was friendly towards her too. But when she met Beast, he was the only one, who was grumpy & annoyed towards her. Soon Beast's grumpiness towards Beauty faded & they became good friends in no time. Socress's vile spell made Beast very ill, but Beauty cared for her friend dearly. Finally, Beauty's prayers were answered and soon the spell was broken and Beast was transformed into his true self. Beauty & Beast remained friends for life.