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Kids and parents will love this collection of favorite nursery rhymes and folk songs for children. Preschool families can watch these videos together and sing along with the lyrics! The songs and rhymes are fun for the family and contribute to language development, vocabulary and early literacy skills.

Featuring a cast of diverse and inclusive characters, Baby Hazel's Nursery Rhymes provide hours of musical entertainment for kids at NurseryRhymes.com!


Enjoy our handpicked rhymes and kids’ songs that are sung by children, babies, and toddlers all over the world. Fill your kids’ quality time with joy and fun by singing the most popular poems and preschool songs to them and also develop an interest in them to learn their favorite songs.

NurseryRhymes.com is a free site offering lyrics and music to hundreds of popular nursery rhymes that have been passed down through the ages. Use our site to keep kids entertained, find lyrics to a nursery rhyme that you can’t remember, or bring you back to a happy time when you were a child.

A nursery rhyme is a traditional rhyme or children’s song in the English-speaking world. The term nursery rhymes are often referred as Mother Goose nursery rhymes. Most of the rhymes and poems date back to seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Thomas Carnan had introduced the term Mother Goose for nursery rhymes when he published a collection of English poems, Mother Goose’s Melody, or, Sonnets for the Cradle in 1780.

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