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The Rag Man
Rag-man, rag-man,
Taggy, taggy, rag-man,
Tell us what you've got there in your sack.??

"Oh—it's full of rimes and riddles,
Jingles, jokes, and hi-de-diddles—
This bundle that I carry on my back.??

"O tell us, funny rag-man,
Grinny, skinny rag-man,
Where did you pick up your funny rimes???

"Some were dancing with corn-flowers,
Some were hiding in church-towers,
And sprinkled helter-skelter by the chimes.??

"Rag-man, rag-man,
Nice old taggy rag-man,
Sing us just one jingle, tingle song.??

"Why, my dears, I've got a plenty,
Sing you one? I'll sing you twenty—
I've been hoping you would ask me all along.??

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