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Hippy Hi Hoppy
Hippy-Hi-Hoppy, the big fat toad,
Greeted his friends at a turn of the road.

Said he to the snail:
"Here's a ring for your tail
If you'll go into town for my afternoon mail.??

Said he to the rat:
"I have talked with the cat;
And she'll nab you so quick you won't know where you're at.??

Said he to the lizard:
"I'm really no wizard,
But I'll show you a trick that will tickle your gizzard.??

Said he to the lark:
"When it gets fairly dark
We'll chase the mosquitoes in Peek-a-Boo Park.??

Said he to the owl:
"If it were not for your scowl
I'd like you as well as most any wild fowl.??

Said he to the wren:
"You're tiny, but then
I'll marry you quick, if you'll only say when.??

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